The system is scalable and modular allowing the system to grow with your needs. In essence the system configuration and costing is derived from 3 factors:

  1. Modules required and functions needed  see Software Matrix for all options i.e M&R, BVP, CFD etc
  2. Number of accounts: TOU/NTOU/Meters/Checkmeters/Historical
  3. Deployment structure: Online model, ePro Expert vs ePro Web etc
Contact us for a system requirement analysis and quotation.


The software is backed up with our Energypro Solutions Bureau and Consultants team to maximise the use of EnergyPro®  to ensure you realise your full potential for savings.

  • Our NZ based R&D team continually looking to improve and ensure the system remains up-to-date, powerful and we welcome any feedback to improve.
  • Our help desk is available to assist with any query and our online support site includes a knowledgebase, user guides, forum and FAQ’s to ensure you are supported with your EM journey.
  • We can deliver the system starting from a simple needs assessment to a complete turn-key system implementation.