“Effective energy management means spending 80% of time and focus on management and targeted initiatives and less time on data collection and processing”

The core of EnergyPro® is the integration and retention of all energy information and the ability to automatically process, audit, analyse, monitor and report from a central database. This adds administrative efficiencies, better analysis and enterprise-wide reporting and management.

EnergyPro® enables easy bills processing and verification, with purchasing profiles and abnormality alarms. Combined with accurate benchmarking, management control, reporting and analysis, the system empowers Energy Managers and the team to be more pro-active on energy saving initiatives.
Without the need to resort to user dependant, complex spreadsheets, EnergyPro® establishes a powerful and on-going compliant platform for efficient energy utilities management and GreenHouse Gas reporting.

By staying ahead of energy utilities industry, energy management and ICT technology, EnergyPro® delivers control and confidence. 

Benefits include:

  • Enterprise-wide management, integrated energy utility information, providing instant overviews and clearer pictures.
  • Save time and cost through automating the data collection, auditing of invoices, analysis and reporting. Integrate with other internal systems to ensure productivity.
  • Free up time & resources, as management can delegate or outsource these tasks with confidence.
  • Minimise risks by comprehensively verifying billing accuracies, cost structure and usage consistency, independent of people.
  • Provide meaningful energy savings communication. 
  • Improve energy procurement decisions and processes, with understanding of line and energy costs, usage profiles and monitoring of contract performances.
  • Covers all form of energy utilities such as electricity, gas, water, fuel and carbon activities. TOU and submeter modules allow easy information gathering and advanced data mining.
  • Scalable and configurable to match needs, with advanced modules covering basic to advanced energy management requirements.
  • Access to the software can either be as a fully outsourced bureau service, remote access or as a fully site-installed solution, providing the ultimate in control.