View your Organisational energy utilities information like never before!

The EnergyPro online dashboard allows you to closely monitor and report on your three C’s:  Cost ($), Consumption (kWh) and Carbon (tCO2e).

Providing Clarity and Visibility at your fingertips… 

The system provides smart, dynamic dashboards & management analysis, using your existing  data within ePro EXPERT. Your data comes to life with immediate access and smart reporting of your energy, carbon usage and costs across the organisation. 

It improves communication with wider access for the management and energy team through powerful web based dashboards, data slicing and analysis you need.


Primary Benefits:

  • Bringing visibility and control to your fingertips.
  • At a glance understanding of total energy, utilities and carbon usage and costs
  • Quickly identify top 5 area’s or  sites using trends and automatically rank these for savings focus
  • Ability to drill down into business units, managers, regions or sites depending on organizational setup
  • Simple access via a browser window providing access anywhere on any platform

 Providing Better Focus

eProWeb system uses the data captured and processed in eProExpert. As changes and updates are made to the main database – you see the changes immediately.

The system turns data into information and provides high level overviews, trends, benchmarks and dashboards by groupings (business units, regions, managers or sites).

With invoice data readily available – now multiple users and stakeholders can view and get the information needed to better improve efficiency and productivity.

Focus efforts on energy savings!

Dynamic graphs & reports allow you to see at a glance where focus needs to go: 

  • Use benchmarking and ranking for top or lowest performing sites and Rank by usage, cost or rate to ensure focus initiatives are best targeted.
  • Choose supply type, usage, cost or even carbon reports
  • See trends for sites or groups – identify periods of concern or reductions
  • Exception reports highlight variances
  • Quickly communicate up, down and across your organization
  • Accurately respond to management requests for energy data reports with quick exports, PDF and email.