Core System :

  • Organisational structure including Business Units, Regions, Managers, Sites and accounts (see EnergyPro Database Information Structure)

Energy Utilities Management Functions

  • M&R: Monitoring and Reporting of energy & costs providing control & understanding across all levels and across periods
  • BVP: Bills Verification and Processing – automated and auditable providing confidence in the numbers. Processing electronic and manual invoices down to detailed levels.

Management Support

  • B&T: Budgets and Targets – setting up forecasts based on data and tracking monthly progressort Functions
  • P&I: Projects & Initiatives lists of energy savings projects, tracking progress and providing comprehensive notes
  • F&A: Finance and Accounts– providing monthly accruals quickly. Accounting system integration for billing files, automating processes
  • KPI: Benchmarking measures to provide comparatives. Efficiency across production or any other internal measure
  • CFD: Contracts for Difference: Energy Procurement instruments – measuring cost effectiveness and value
  • Submeter Management system: Helping efficiently collect data from Checkmeter readings with data validation checks, reconciling with supplier invoices. It also introduces the same level of analytical and reporting capabilities as supplier accounts

Additional Modules 

  • DASHBOARD System: Provides web-based dynamic dashboards & views for wider management engagement, information & performance sharing.
  • Carbon Management System: Capture, track and report scope based GHG activity using standard or custom emission factors including waste/recycle, water, fuels, travel etc
  • TOU Manager: Harness the power of existing data from advanced meters / smartmeters and integrate this into your organisational structure & invoicing system for rapid identification of issues and verification of savings.
  • Vehicle Efficiency Manager: Manage Fleet vehicles in the same way as a utility, capturing information, benchmarking, analysing for savings and reporting.
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