Client Success Stories 

EnergyPro Solutions Ltd has demonstrated its breadth and depth of functionality across a range of industry sectors in New Zealand, providing powerful yet simple, easily customised, extremely cost-effective energy and utilities management information systems that are flexible enough to grow with your programme.

A number of clients have been using EnergyPro® over the years heping save over an estimated $30m. Success stories vary from easy simple cost recovery to the savings in time and most importantly – the peace of mind brought by the confidence and control obtained from implementing the EnergyPro Solution way…

“Since using EnergyPro® we have identified a number of billing errors and received refunds as a result. It has enabled us to locate problems with the electrical and water supply systems and to make savings by rectifying the causes. EnergyPro provides quality information on utility usage to our building operations department and is a valuable tool for us.”

Ian W. (Museum)
"We have used EnergyPro® for a number of years and have been very pleased with its performance. It allows us to control and manage over 420 electricity and gas accounts each month and gives us the confidence that we are paying what we should be. Our budgeting has improved and EnergyPro® standard reports are ideal for communicating changes to staff."

Martin L. (Council)
“With around 200 utility accounts it is essential for me to maintain an up-to-date overview of total consumption and expenditure, while having the ability to undertake detailed investigations. EnergyPro® fulfils these requirements with only a few key strokes.”

Denis A. (University)
“EnergyPro® has assisted us enormously. We have identified one metering error… We would have gone on paying for it. We received a credit for over $22,000 and EnergyPro paid for itself within four months. We built in unit/m3 and $/m3 to extract flow, units and costs for 37 sites to compare input/output. We couldn’t easily do it before. The more you use it the more insight you get into what else you can use it for.”

Paul S. (Council Organisation)
"As part of our Energy Management programme, we have been utilising EnergyPro Solutions as our preferred partner in this programme to give us an accurate measure of the Electricity and Gas consumption at more than 180 sites across New Zealand.The services include auditing, tracking, monitoring, benchmarking and generating various monthly reports, which are our operational requirements using their software - EnergyPro®.  As a manager charged with the responsibility for implementing the energy policy and various initiatives for conservation this tracking, monitoring and reporting tool has been useful, effective and efficient.

EnergyPro Solutions have constantly picked up billing errors as part of the bills verification process which has resulted in us receiving credits from the electricity retailers.  EnergyPro Solutions have a good team on the ground who are knowledgeable, reliable and diligent.

We have had a very successful energy management and conservation programme and the returns on our investments have been attractive and acknowledgeable and we appreciate the efforts and contributions of the team at EnergyPro Solutions Limited."

Val M. (Supermarket)
"I'm very happy with the work that's been done improving the web based dashboard. It's improved access to our electricity data, and made it easy to share information."

Geoff W. (Council)

“EnergyPro® have provided Auckland Airport with visibility of energy consumption across the entire airport campus. For the first time we will be able to benchmark the performance of our entire property portfolio as well as our expanding aeronautical infrastructure.

Additional value add has come in the form of a bespoke billing solution and meter management functionality.

We are about to enter an exciting phase of discovery where we will improve our understanding of the entire meter tree and the gaps we need to fill to identify further reduction opportunities.

EnergyPro® will also provide a reporting solution for internal and external stakeholders, assisting in our communication of performance and maintaining our corporate profile in the energy efficiency space.”

Martin F. (Airport)



In 2000, EPSL received a Special Judges’ Award in the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) EnergyWise Awards for its contribution in helping New Zealand organisations achieve outstanding results in energy efficiency.

Independent case studies carried out by EECA have confirmed savings of over $2m adding to an already impressive savings record for our clients.


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