“Effective energy management means spending 80% of time and focus on management and targeted initiatives & less time on data collection, mining and processing”

We work with larger energy-use organisations with multi-site facilities and/or boundaries to help optimise savings with control & confidence.

Typically the need is to manage a large amount of complex energy utilities and carbon data within YOUR organisational structure.  The challenge is to first measure usage and costs, identifying areas to focus on for savings and then measuring those savings within a single system.

Limited, adhoc programs may provide results in the short term but a comprehensive system is able to extract ongoing savings, monitor results and free up resources.




We have a variety of clients, from the following industries: 


Case Studies

The Warehouse Case Study

Energy monitoring and targeting – “money back, guaranteed” The Warehouse cut $2 million from energy bills by monitoring and targeting energy use.  The Company The Warehouse has become a New Zealand shopping icon since the opening of its first store in Takapuna in 1982. The retail chain now has over 100 stores in New Zealand…

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The University of Auckland Case study

Energy management pays off. The University of Auckland now uses 41% less energy per student than it did in 1981, thanks to careful energy management. The university has achieved the reduction by continually monitoring its energy use, and using the results to identify and introduce targeted energy-efficiency measures. Those measures include large-scale projects, such as…

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