“EnergyPro® is a purpose built Utilities and Carbon Management system providing reliable, sustainable & practical measurement, management & reporting of Energy Utilities & Carbon emissions sources.”

EnergyPro automates the collection, analysis & reporting in a phased approach resulting in Proactive Energy management.

  1. Data Collection: invoices, usage, costs from variety of data available, using invoices, electronic data, meters etc 
  2. Data Mining: EnergyPro analyses the data for exceptions, raising alarms quickly & automatically with reports. The analysis is integrated with your organisational structure – so it makes sense!
  3. Management: Proactive informed decisions can now be made with savings measured.  Initiatives & improvements are undertaken & tracked for results.

Features & Benefits


  • Covers all ISO14064  emission sources
  • Trusted by leading energy managers since 1992.
  • Centralises all energy utilities and carbon emission sources information.
  • Online system, modular, scalable and adaptable
  • Dual capability providing for experts as well as managers


  • Faster, Better, More: Processing, analysis and management control.
  • Flexible,Adaptable: Modules- from core to comprehensive. Options- in house, outsourced or shared.
  • Sustainable: People independent, practical and long term solution.
  • Compliant & Verifiable: Developed in line with ISO14064 standard to assist in compiling a quality carbon inventory

Dual Capability

Unlike other systems, EnergyPro® has the additional flexibility of a dual capability system dependant on the audience to ensure maximum value is derived where it is needed.

  • eProExpert provides in-depth expert level processing, analysis and reporting for the most demanding audience including advanced reporting, financial integration, accruals and savings.
  • eProDashboard provides management view, web-based, dynamic reporting and filtering of data to ensure that the details do not cloud the outcomes.