EnergyPro traditionally has been provided as a standalone product that works within organisations to support EM requirements. With the advent of cloud computing, our EnergyPro Online Products and Services provide for a wider level of engagement.

Some of the key advantages include

  • Access Online
    • Reduce the need for IT maintenance and support, allows connection anywhere you have internet connection.
    • The software is always updated to the latest version. No need to download and install, reducing your time and efforts.
    • Access the data simultaneously for more than one user with easy expansion if needed.
  • Access to Bureau services
    • Enables real-time service delivery when using the EnergyPro bureau services team – instantly see updates, make changes, collaboratively work together to better process, manage & report.
    • With contractual changes or when additional data services support is required – our bureau services team can step in and provide extra hands and time to support
  • Web based eProWeb
    • For ‘non-expert’ users – provides a management view of energy and carbon usage throughout the entire organisation
      • Track against previous periods and targets.
      • Filter for sites, periods and content you want to see, export data, print screen shots and benchmark easily.
      • Quickly identify best and worst performers
    • Web based so available anywhere, secure access only to the users assigned in the EXPERT version


“No software please…”

For organisations not looking to implement a system in-house or prefer to outsource their Energy & Utilities Data Management  – we can deliver bureau services to your requirements.

You get the best of both worlds with an experienced service team backed by powerful software ensuring your requirements are met without detracting from your core business.