EnergyPro® Features:

  • Has been developed in accordance with GHG protocols, ISO14064 standards and many years in the industry
  • Has been trusted by leading energy managers since 1992.
  • Centralises all energy utilities and carbon emission information, for an organisation.
  • Provides streamlined data collection, integration and retention with the ability to automatically process, audit and analyse with meaningful reporting
  • Is an online system, modular, scalable and adaptable to ensure cost-effectiveness to meet your needs (you only pay for what you use).
  • Its dual capability system sets it apart from other web-only applications through its depth, performance and continual innovation ensuring long-term security.
  • Is modular and scalable to suit as requirements grow.


  • Faster, Better, More: Processing, analysis and management control.
  • Flexible, Adaptable: Modules- from core to comprehensive. Options- in-house, outsourced or shared.
  • Sustainable: People independent, practical and long term solution.
  • Compliant and Verifiable: Developed in line with ISO14064 standard to assist in compiling a quality carbon inventory.
Backed up by expert consultancy and support services to help YOU get results!
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